About headztrong helmet covers

Hi there and welcome to headztrong!

Our story begins in the mountains. My friend Sara's daughter, Jess, was then just 3 and no fan of wearing a helmet in the snow. So, to 'persuade' her, we created a white bunny with huge pink ears which turned into a total game-changer for her and for us. Now, Jess had to be 'persuaded' to take her helmet off! 

Each time Jess went skiing, we were besieged by people asking where we'd found her helmet cover and how could they get hold of one. And that's how headztrong was born.

Since then, our 'family' (like Jess!) has grown and we are now the ultimate in luxury faux-fur ski helmet covers, with headztrongs now selling around the globe. 

All our ski helmet covers are designed to fit any size helmet – adult as well as children. And every headztrong helmet cover is designed and manufactured to the highest quality and comes with a 100% cotton drawstring bag for goggles and gloves.

We have an extensive range of brilliant styles and we are delighted to show you what we have in store for this coming winter.

Our customers are like family to us and we love to receive your pix to add to our gallery and social media. 

Thank you for being a part of the headztrong gang and we look forward to bumping into you on the slopes! 

You'll recognise us when you see us!!